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Generational Trauma

Generational Trauma is Real

When we face something in the present and are emotionally affected

It usually relates to a past Trauma and can really affect the lives of our children too

If we're not able to deal with these issues as they come up in a rational manner

Then we need to look deep and ask the relevant questions to assure that we are indeed in line with ourselves

Do we know why we take everything personally

Do we know why an incident can take a while to get over

Should we be taking our past experiences more seriously and taking action 🎬 accordingly to over come what we can't endure

We know that Allah swt doesn't test us more than we can bear

And we also know that this rational thinking cm sometimes go right over our heads

It's OK to feel down, now and again as long as we acknowledge that our behaviour is in line with our values when we face any issues....

Take time out to understand you, be empathetic towards others and know that You are Important and bring purpose ✨️ and Light from within...

Noone can take that away from you

If you feel like the brain is fogged, you have goals and feel like you could do with help to break it down and alignment

Do get in touch and see if I can help

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