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Master Coach & Therapist


Emotions can be a challenge and can take us into a never-ending spiral of self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, even a deep sense of sadness, guilt, and despair.

An Nisa Coaching is trained and qualified to give you your confidence back and help you take the techniques needed to reflect, evolve and grow.

Know your values and be comfortable with who you are.

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An Nisa Coaching


My mission is to help women build confidence and become self-aware, enough so that they are able to be present in day to day life. Many a time we find as women, that we are bogged down, with work, work and more work. I will help you on a journey of enlightenment and success. 

I will help you to find ways to make you understand emotions better as a person, to know what you want in life and most importantly live a life of contentment and one that aligns with you.

We play a role as a mother, daughter, sister and wife, but Who are we? We need to establish the self, before building and helping others.

The  12 sessions personal development programme, consists of techniques to get rid of limiting beliefs. Getting to know your values and who you are. Then the game changer, therapy, where,  we travel through time to eliminate the root cause of irrational emotions.

All it takes is for you to identify and be ready to be the best version.

If this is you. Then get in touch for a Free Discovery Call. Book below using Calendly