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More About Me

As a woman it was always less easy to describe myself as an individual, I was always one to say

I am a Mother, a Sister, A Daughter and as many other roles as possible. When my world fell apart,

as they say, around three years ago. 

I was Hit with the realisation of the Self, the Me and Myself, It hit to the point of Where do I go from here? and What 

Now? I had three kids to look after and knew that if I didn't step up now, I probably never will!!

I had to take the leap, I contacted my friend and Coach, therapist & Mentor and let her know what I was going through. It wasn't long, before I realised that this was exactly what I needed and it had come at the right time.

We have the Idea that this should have and could have happened, the truth is, we are where we are at

the right time.

As I carried myself through the pain and realised my potential, I faced myself and the character within that had been buried, simply because I had allowed it. I told myself that I would help others do the same.


Here I am fast forward nearly four years as A Master in NLP Practitioner and Also an Adult Teacher up to Level 5.

I went from having no Goals to being fulfilled with more, simply because I threw in the towel and felt like I had nothing to lose. Failure is feedback and if I don't try, I will never know! 

Is This You! Stuck in a Rut, You have Dreams & Goals and the

Constant Doubts Get in the Way!!

Take the Leap!

Download the Free Ebook and Start Setting your Goals!! 

Believe in yourself and Thrive for the Best!

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