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Before the triggers Hit...Do something

Talk about your emotions

Wether it's with someone, with the Creator or even writing it out...

We tend to seal our emotions with a wrap and expect them to be forgotten

They won't be forgotten

Not forever, not ever

As soon as a trigger hits 💥

As soon as someone gets close, wants to be with you, something negative happens, you'll run 🏃‍♀️

But for how long, how long before the bottle is overfilled with covered emotions 🤔

Locking up your productivity and huge potential

On top of that you have digs from people, the constant labelling, the unforgiving wave of insecurity

When's it all going to stop ✋️

When are you going to be ready to take action 🎬

To play ▶️ the roles that are a part of you, so efficiently, so much more lovingly ❤️

With so much more meaning....

When you decide to, when you realise that there's a problem....

When you figure out there is help out there....

More importantly when you find yourself faced with barriers all the time ⏲️

We really waiting ✋️ it out ?

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