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Clear Your Cobwebs

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

It is just as important to declutter the mind as it is to clear out our old clothes and the kids toys at home. The feeling of having a fresh clean space for living is just as important for our minds

We spend most of our time there right!?

Clear out the cobwebs the mind boggling old emotions of fear, guilt 😔 and even hurt.....

You will need to get rid of the old to make room for positive emotions such as happiness, gratitude and even content

The tips and techniques used in Therapy and NLP coaching can help you come out of the old run down cellar to a bright new place where anything is possible

If that's what you want....

As a trauma informed coach I will olay the part of one that will help guide you through the old pain and emotion

Where you become more present, set yourself purposeful goals and ones that push your ability to full capacity

6 sessions of transformation coaching/ therapy/ deep talks and techniques to help clear the path to your success 🙌

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