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Clueless to Conscious Parenting

Knowing what I know now, has helped me so much as a single mum. I know now that children are like CCTV and they will sense you before they see you

They will know how you're feeling through the windows to your soul

They believe in you and want you to achieve your best

When you're happy (inside as well as out) they'll learn to be content

They'll battle anything as long as they have you and your strength 💪

Do you agree that parenting is never a one track road...

It's always a roller coaster 🎢

What do we do at times when tantrums are unbearable 😫 ....

What are our options and how do we overcome or atleast tackle them with ease

Do join me on this journey to Conscious Parenting or for some of us a reminder and a share of each others journey to effectively being there for our kids 😊

Total 6 weeks

Only £199...

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