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Clueless to Conscious Parenting

When it comes to parenting

Alot of doubts and Guilt comes to our mind

We feel the need to always fulfill our kids needs

As we should

Or should we?

Do we always need to be available?

Do we need our kids to always be happy ( whatever that is?)

When do we need to reach in or reach out?

Are we always looking for someone or something to blame 🤔


Exam pressure

Friends 🧡

Or could there be more to this?

Using learnings from NLP, Coaching and Root cause therapy

We will work together ❤️ to see what and where we need to make small changes ✨️

To Create changes that will serve us ✨️ and hopes to build a brighter future for the Next Generation ✨️

Join Me on a 3 day parenting challenge

Where we challenge our inner self to see 👀

How making small tweaks and controlling our thoughts where we can

Can have an impact on what goes on around us

Inbox 📥 to take a vital step towards a more in control future for you and yours!

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