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Look within

Never underestimate, the lessons learned in any situation. Positive or negative, you will always learn wether something was good for you and you should have more, or something was bad and you should run a mile...

The key is to look for the resources that are useful for your growth and personal journey. You are not obliged to make comments about what happened or even the people invloved

show that you have come out of any situation, with the tools that you need to become more resilient and conscious for next time... you were built to grow, heal and help others

your purpose is written in what you find within you

you have the answers, under all the self talk, doubt and criticism; underneath it all is feedback

you know to look for the answers, that are not always clear cut; they are usually a reflection of what is within

the truth is; if we can't forgive ourselves, for the times we slipped. tripped and fell

for the times that we engaged in tasks that had no benefit for us and the fact that we are Human and not always in control.

Then its time, to make the change and help ourselves become a better version of who we are

We need to be honest with ourself and train the mind that its OK to sometimes make blunders, what's not OK is to beat yourself up about it and never take learnings..

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