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Block that Trigger

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Sometimes our responses and reactions are a result of a hidden trigger, we are victims to our own past, where we will find a whole load of (real) skeletons in our closet. With all the added cobwebs, spiders and you name it. The horrors of this if not acknowledged and recognised will end up us carrying baggage that we don't need to in day to day life.

We end up becoming irrational, in minor situations, simply because we are sometimes unable to recognise that these traumas exist.

We also believe, sometimes that it is OK to just ignore these issues and they will go away.

Unfortunately, the traumas do not go away, they are imbedded in our minds for a long time, depending on the effects of the trauma, the memory stays with us.

Journaling is a great way to get rid of negative emotions and share feelings, we are unable to share with others

We should aim to journal on a daily or minimum, weekly, basis. This helps to clear at least some of the cobwebs from the closet, so we can at least start working on building new ones.

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