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Close that Door

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Closure is over rated at times

At other times it is much needed to close doors 🚪 So you can use this as a resource to move forward

You know within what you need.

You know within what is required for you to make the changes that will help you grow

Your day to day will only be changed once we admit that we need the change

We require the resources that fall into our path

We also like to cover up , bottle it and move on

It's possible that you can do autopilot and move on

You can go through the rituals of life, to prove that you're strong 💪

But for how long and how long will it be before you crack 🤔

Before you implode with the irrational emotions that will bubble up as a consequence

Know your boundaries

Know your needs

Admit you need help

Use the resources around you to help you up

And carry on

Because you have a purpose

You have goals, ambitions and more than that you have a life that most only hope for ✨️


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