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Clueless to Conscious

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

When you know that the yelling

Shouting and even the constant zoning out

Is just not working 😕

It's not productive for either you or your child that you're both fighting a losing battle

Do you understand that you and your child/ren are emotional and social beings

You both are entitled to become who you want to be

You can still grow your child to be the best version as a Muslim and a good one Insha'Allah

The steps that we need to take are not always clear and definitely not what we were taught

Our parents way was different to what is needed now

Do we know the needs and how we can meet them without giving up our fundamental values and faith

Do join us at the 4 sessions course where I give away techniques that have bettered my connection with my children

I am no longer screaming the house down to be heard...

I have checked most boxes to get to where I am

And I would love the group to be one that we hold as a safe space for each other to share and relate

Inbox me

Ask me what you need so you can take benefits from the course


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