Feeling Alone 😔

If you feel alone It's usually because your purpose and goals are different or even hard to reach compared to others You need to work on bettering yourself mentally wether that's journaling, meditation or exercise Even spiritually ️ you can enlighten the souks purpose once you know what you want 😌 Know that finding yourself takes a lot of digging, a regret of past mistakes and even a sense of failure But every goal has a time, a place and even a price So take your time ⏲Let life happen ✨ where you can't control it And other times, take yourself away from the hustle and bustle to make peace with you....

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Say yes to yourself Tell yourself it's OK to want To need and even plead to the right source for things you yearn for Know that it's OK to invest in yourself so that you can open avenues of your life

My Teen has lost confidence Mines not a teen yet But not far off, this threw me a little at first as most teens I have met are anything but less confident 😅 However yes there is another side, since c