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Feeling stuck

You know you feel overwhelmed

You're unable to control lots of things you want to control

You believe that you have to be better

You don't have to be what others want you to be.

You don't have to believe what other people say

You don't need anyone else's insecurity becoming a part of you

What you may need is a break.

A conscious half hour where you focus on your own needs and goals

Where you are grounded and can feel hear and touch everything around you with ease

With peace in your heart and with a strength that only you know you could muster

Believe in your phenomenal ability

Believe in your own inner voice that's encouraging you to carry on and move along

Because the moment we decide, we no longer are slaves of what people think

We could be unstoppable

We could become evolved and transformed to levels only the Divine knows

Plan ahead

Take a break

Praise yourself

Forgive yourself

Move on from things you can't control....

.the strength will come with the belief

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