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Grow and Heal

When you've grown as a person

And know that you can help others when they're ready

You're constantly letting others believe that they are a universe within

You're reassuring them that they don't have to rely on anyone

What you're also doing is looking within and making sure you're walking the talk yourself

Check in on your own counsel

Demeanour and the way you hold yourself

Showing up is all good and well

Taking a break is a must too

As well as chores, other roles you play and the goals you set yourself, you may get tired of the overwhelm of emotions

The feeling of being barricaded in your own thoughts and limiting beliefs

You have told yourself you're an achiever and how are you achieving that label

What are you doing to overcome the barriers that noone else sees

Anyone can pick up a stone from the path, to make a journey easy,

Do you have the inner strength to face the real emotions and beliefs that you should be holding to be where you want to be

Know what you are in control of and also know that the determination you hold is not always going to be the same every day

Reach out

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