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New Year New Goals

This year has gone superfast, May Allah swt put barakah in our time Aameen

Set your goals for the next year Insha'Allah and don't forget to celebrate the small wins always

You have achieved if you are better than the year before

Know that small progress is better than none

We plan then Allah swt plans

And He is the best of planners

When things happen for us we don't notice that the timing is actually perfect 👌

Only Allah swt knows the bigger picture

Carry on showing up

Carry on making small changes that are serving you

Make sure you get help where needed

I am here if anyone needs to talk and help with setting any goals on a personal level

On that note 📝

There are many new ventures coming up for me as I upskill in knowledge of how to help more women overcome lots of negative emotions and ways that we can work together to become unstuck

Trauma related therapy and much more will be available very soon

Do message as and when you feel the need to express and talk

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