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Self improvement

We are all given the same dose of medicine

A similar way of life in a community

And we are shown how to get through somewhat

Research shows that you could have the same set of parents

In the same family 👪

Around the same traits

Yet, we all come away different

We come away with different characteristics

Different personalities

Our model of the world 🌎 will be somehow contradictory to even the siblings we shared food with

Then why do we expect the same or similar behaviour from our partners

Our children and even our friends

We want them to think like us

Or act like us or

Well, how dare they feel differently to us...

It's not possible for us all to think the same

We can't control those around us

Just ourselves

So make the effort to change your attitude, your way of doing things and even how you approach people because that's what you can control and improve ✨️ to open up more opportunities for you

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